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General assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization with the participation of community representatives.
To use the right of voting is one of the democratic principles in order to have an active team work for the organization as well as for the society.
NPO/RRAA responded to the basic needs of people (Access to potable drinking water).
To use the right of vote by women in the NSP program is a way to empower the women at the society level.
Construction of water resources is the mean for the development of Agriculture and empowerment of livelihood mainly in the targeted areas of the organization.
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The overall objective for this sector is to improve living condition of the communities through provision of civil services that lead to job opportunities and income earning capacities.

The people of Afghanistan have had a difficult time over the last few decades. Political instability and a weak economy, coupled with times of drought, have led to isolated rural areas falling into poverty. 80% of Afghanistan’s population is dependent on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihood. Many families have reverted to subsistence farming and it is common for the males to supplement their family’s income with seasonal laboring. These conditions have also seen farmers turning to the illegal cultivation of opium poppies. During the past few years the new Afghanistan Government has worked to address these problems and start rebuilding the economy. However, despite some good progress, there are still areas that need attention.
Farmers are using outdated farming tools and methods, with no research and development to help them improve their outputs. In addition access to markets needs to be rebuilt. There is also concern over the misuse of pesticides; poorly informed farmers have been using fertilizers and pesticides in high doses in a quick-fix attempt to increase profits. Outdated and dangerous chemicals have also been circulated and farmers are often unaware of their damaging side-effects.

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Livelihood Improvements
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