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General assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization with the participation of community representatives.
To use the right of voting is one of the democratic principles in order to have an active team work for the organization as well as for the society.
NPO/RRAA responded to the basic needs of people (Access to potable drinking water).
To use the right of vote by women in the NSP program is a way to empower the women at the society level.
Construction of water resources is the mean for the development of Agriculture and empowerment of livelihood mainly in the targeted areas of the organization.
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Rural Development in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is still largely a rural society with a subsistence economy based on agriculture. With a rapidly growing population, and millions of refugees having returned from neighboring countries, the limited resources of farmland and water are under greater pressure than ever before. The rural population urgently needs to improve food security by diversifying and developing its economic base, improving access to education and healthcare, developing new sources of household income and improving transport and communications infrastructure. Without these changes, most rural Afghans will remain impoverished, unable to improve their standard of living.

Community driven development initiatives and efforts achieved by transfer of skills and experience to communities which resulted into participation of communities in effective planning, implementation and monitoring of sub-projects by the CDCs. Applying tools, policies and procedures stated in the National Solidarity Program operational manual resulted into community empowerment and community development, improved, capacities and skills within the communities impacted on effective and proper use of available resources (Human and material) in the communities which has also increased the level of ownership and sustainability of sub-projects implemented by CDCs. The operational developed by National Solidarity Program especially forms and formats cab be used for all other efforts and projects of NPO/RRAA and have positive impact on the skills and knowledge of the organization.

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Capacity Building
Capacity Building
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