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General assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization with the participation of community representatives.
To use the right of voting is one of the democratic principles in order to have an active team work for the organization as well as for the society.
NPO/RRAA responded to the basic needs of people (Access to potable drinking water).
To use the right of vote by women in the NSP program is a way to empower the women at the society level.
Construction of water resources is the mean for the development of Agriculture and empowerment of livelihood mainly in the targeted areas of the organization.
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Research & Study Facility RESEARCH & STUDY FACILITY

A research study is an organized activity that is done to determine an answer to a question or problem. Scientists perform research studies because they do not know for sure what works best to help patients. A study may be done to determine the best way to treat or prevent an illness. A study may use a survey to help understand health needs, problems, or feelings.
One specific type of research study is called a clinical trial. A clinical trial is a study of a medical treatment in human participants. The medical treatment can be a drug; a surgical device such as an artificial hip; a medical device such as an insulin pump; or a surgical technique. The purpose of a clinical trial is to answer questions about safety and effects. Clinical trials are used to decide whether the best treatments are being used or to help the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decide whether or not to approve a treatment for use

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