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General assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization with the participation of community representatives.
To use the right of voting is one of the democratic principles in order to have an active team work for the organization as well as for the society.
NPO/RRAA responded to the basic needs of people (Access to potable drinking water).
To use the right of vote by women in the NSP program is a way to empower the women at the society level.
Construction of water resources is the mean for the development of Agriculture and empowerment of livelihood mainly in the targeted areas of the organization.
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Message From NPO/RRAA Director

Thanks Almighty Allah that once again we found the opportunity to deliver our services in supporting and developing the poor and marginalized country people in Rural area, where access to health facilities, proper education, as well as other developmental program/ project is rare and short.
I am happy to present the Annual Report and the audited Accounts of the organization for the year ended 31Decmeber, 2011.
The year 2011 ended with achievement and challenges. As usual this year NPO/RRAA implemented various projects/ programs in the targeted area.
In general, during the year 2011 insecurity increased and spread in almost all part of Afghanistan, and in particular insecurity affected on NPO/RRAA’s projects, which delayed to achieve project/ program objectives and or RRAA forced to stop projects or to change the geographical area. 
 In consideration with insecurity increased and with all challenges in 2011, NPO/RRAA continued its effort to meet its operational as well as strategic achievements.
I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for the assistance, co-operation and guidance received by the Organization from respected donors, government, Steering Committee member, General Assembly as well as the communities.
I am also grateful to Management Team Members for their active support in handling implementing various programs in 2011. I cordially thanks from Field staff that are spending their valuable time in the field to achieve organization goals, despite all difficulties and obstacles they continued their effort on project implementation.
Performance to meet organizational overall goal continues to move the right direction, but the Goal is not ended, we struggle and work for a better environment and situation for poor and marginalized people in the organization’s targeted areas. Let’s work hard and give our hand together to make bright future for marginalized and need people in a very remote area.



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