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General assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization with the participation of community representatives.
To use the right of voting is one of the democratic principles in order to have an active team work for the organization as well as for the society.
NPO/RRAA responded to the basic needs of people (Access to potable drinking water).
To use the right of vote by women in the NSP program is a way to empower the women at the society level.
Construction of water resources is the mean for the development of Agriculture and empowerment of livelihood mainly in the targeted areas of the organization.
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Our Mission, Vision and Values OUR MISSION, VISION & VALUES
Our Mission
Empowered Communities, Progressive Societies is our vision, a sustainable and committed organization to effectively facilitate the process of community development is our mission.
Core Values
Dignity: We respect all segments of the society without prejudice to tribe, sect, language and ethnic consideration.
Social Justice: we adhere to the norms of society based on a democratic culture where fundamental freedoms can be fully realized for all.
Transparency: we believe in an open and participative organizational culture based on accountability to all stakeholders.
Leadership: we promote leadership through empowerment of our staff, communities, and the people we work with.
Excellence: we work through a motivated and committed staff team, which has a strong personal agenda for bringing about positive changes in accord with the organizationís mission.
Honesty and integrity: we believe in honesty and integrity to earn the trust of our stakeholders .
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Our Mission
Vision and Values
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